Thaddeus Mosley @ Karma
29 Feb- 26 April 2020

Working in an abstract, free jazz way, Mosley describes his method as “sculptural improvisation”, or “rhythmic abstraction”. In his first solo exhibition with Karma, the 94 year old artist develops individual, gigantic, freestanding wood sculptures carved from the tree’s of Pittsburgh.

Born in 1926 in Pennsylvania, Mosley studied English and Journalism after enlisting in the navy. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1950. He worked for the postal service and came to carving and sculpture all on his own, making things and donating them to charities.

Twenty three sculptures are on view. Shaped and carved from walnut, cherry, every single piece is a revelation of wisdom, delight, color, strangeness, and shock. Jazz music is and always will be African American empowerment. It’s about connecting to their own thing and it’s a thing with no primary descendants. Something you hear in one take.

In each Mosley piece, there’s nothing to be recognized. Each piece just is and I like that.


188 E 2nd Street
New York, NY 10009



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sunday fall

sunday fall

Location: Bronx, NY / Occupation: Author?Artist /Website: / About me: Fall has written and designed three novels and eight poetry books.