By Sunday Fall

Non stop fireworks outside every night now for the entire month.
Last night like the many other previous nights, it sounded like a war zone.
Reading again (Alice’s adventures in wonderland and Through the looking glass)
I put down a few words today on paper.
I am working on a new novel.

Today US secretary of agriculture and FDA commissioner issued joint statement on food export restrictions related to covid 19:

“The United States understands the concerns of consumers here domestically and around the world who want to know that producers, processors and regulators are taking every necessary precaution to prioritize food safety especially during these challenging times. However, efforts by some countries to restrict global food exports related to COVID-19 transmission are not consistent with the known science of transmission.

There is no evidence that people can contract COVID-19 from food or from food packaging. The U.S. food safety system, overseen by our agencies, is the global leader in ensuring the safety of our food products, including product for export.”

COVID-19 cases dropped by 200. Day before there were 918 new reported cases.

11 people died yesterday from COVID-19 related illness.

Total New York state COVID related deaths=24896

Gov Cuomo said, “continue wearing a mask, I can’t think of a more patriotic thing.”

Walking around the streets, I have noticed less people wearing masks. I wear one always when outside. And for most stores, you need a face mask to enter and do business.

Houston area judged banned outdoor gatherings of 10 or more people.

In Brazil, the president banned parts of a law requiring citizens to wear masks in shopping malls,stores, etc.

Block party happening today. My neighbors are having a fourth of July BBQ. Expecting large gatherings, very little social distancing, food, loud music, beer, burgers and hot dogs off the grill.

Last night my neighborhood sounded like a war zone. Fireworks went off everywhere. Feeling queasy. Maybe from drinking too much beer and Hennessy.

Neighbors brought family together for fourth of July celebration. On the narrow sidewalks, chairs were set up. There had to be more than 30 people present. I wore a mask. Some people didn’t. There was no social distancing. Music blasted through the afternoon into the late night. Even in a pandemic, everyone seemed at ease.

Going to the store to get bottled water, ginger ale and alka seltzer. Not planning to do much today.

Looking to buy a bike.

Woke up kind of late today. Low on cash. During the pandemic, I’ve been working a side hustle delivering refrigerators around the Bronx.

He’s not my boss, but the guy I work with, his name is Billy handles deliveries in three buildings. We did a building two weeks ago, four floors , no elevator. and it was hot!

Today is hot outside. The sun is trying to kill people! Temp hit 90. Expecting rain later. The past few days, its been hot in the morning and late in the afternoon, it rains for a few minutes then the sun is back out again killing people again.

Not doing much. smoked. Listening to new Pop Smoke album. Maybe I will work on some poems later and get food.

7000 new case in Florida.
Miami dade county total hits 51000.
Florida state total 213794.

Florida is preparing to roll back reopening.

total coronavirus deaths for Florida 3841
total US death 133000
3 million confirmed cases in the United States

Seeing videos of people refusing to wear masks in public and it’s just disgraceful. This pandemic is exposing the blatant ignorance and privilege some people feel they have. Wear your mask outside !! It’s not hard. and it’s not just for you. Protect your neighbor, protect your fellow citizen.

Six states see rise in covid related illness:

Florida is new epicenter of pandemic recording 11433 new cases in a single day.

The United States has the worlds highest numbers of both COVID-19 cases and deaths.
3 million confirmed cases
133 000 deaths

Tropical storm. Rain all day. Staying indoors.

Sunday. Temp supposed to reach 90. Woke up early. Walked to the deli, bought a bottled water and orange juice. smoked. Coffee. Debated with myself if I should get drunk on malt liquor. Held a baby. smoked.

NYC reports zero COVID deaths.

City doesn't feel like it’s in lockdown.

California governor orders the closing of bars, restaurants, and movie theaters , zoo, museums, wineries as COVID-19 cases continue to rise and spread across the US.

Just watched a video of a man pulling a gun on customer in Walmart.
In the video , a shopper wearing a mask approaches the man and another man in a wheelchair and words are exchanged. The unmasked man gives the shopper the middle finger before pulling a handgun from his waistband.
No one was injured, there’s an continuing investigation.
This is not the first video or article about confrontations overs masks I’ve seen.
Just wear a fucking mask! it’s not hard. It shows you are a compassionate human being who cares about other humans.

US shatters record for most single day new coronavirus cases- 77 000
Record numbers of COVID-19 related deaths peaked in states like Texas, Florida, South Carolina.
There are 3 million confirmed cases in the US
138 000 deaths
64 percent of Americans distrust Trump when it comes to handling the virus
Masks are mandatory in more than 30 states.

It’s hot!! Woke up early. smoked. watched black lightning on netflix. Still on season 2. Ate a chopped cheese and ice cream sandwich for lunch.

My friend is jealous of my other friend because his PUA check came in for 8000$. I didn’t get any money either. I’m struggling. My friend with the check bought a new motorcycle.

Heatwave all this week. Woke up early.
ate a slice of pizza and can soda for lunch

phase 4 reopening goes into effect today.
90 degrees today. temps will rise up to 95.
Gov Cuomo said, “i’ll shut down bars and restaurants in New York city all over again if compliance and enforcement doesn’t improve . ongoing crowding and mask less young people in Queens and Manhattan has to stop, he said.
It’s stupid what you’re doing, bars and restaurants are the problem. It doesn’t have to be. you have 7000 people drinking in a public place, violating the open container law.”
Young people make up most of the new cases in nyc.
The fourth and final phase includes the return of outdoor activities like museums, zoos botanical gardens,]a finals excision on schools re opening still hasn’t been made.

Listening to Sheryl Crow albums all day.

Total Coronavirus cases surpasses 4 million in the United States.

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