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Cops responsible for the death of Breonna Taylor have not been charged. A Kentucky grand jury cleared all three officers in the shooting death of Taylor. One cop was indicted for wanton endangerment for shooting into a neighbors house and striking a wall. I seen a post online that read, Sorry Breonna, a wall got more justice than you.

Mayor de Blasio makes outdoor dining year round and permanent.

Coronavirus cases went up 1000 on 9/25 in NYC.
88,231 tests reported yesterday,
1,189 were positive (1.35% of total).
Total hospitalizations are at 571.
2 COVID-19 fatalities yesterday.
Gov Cuomo tweeted, “our actions determine what happens.”
We have to continue wearing masks, washing hands, get tested.
Wearing a mask in public is not optional , it’s the law.

Schools in NYC have reopened.

President Trump and first lady Melania have tested positive for COVID- 19. Surreal.

India has become the third country to pass 100,000 coronavirus related deaths as new cases continue to climb. India registered 1,069 deaths on Saturday bringing the total to 100,842 confirmed fatalities.
Trump is hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical center.

Trump is still hospitalized for COVID- 19.
Today, the president ignored medical advice, left the hospital and rode in a car to greet supporters outside.
Attending physician tweeted: “this is insanity.”

NYC Mayor shut down Non-Essential Businesses, Public and Private School. Indoor Dining to Close Wednesday in 9 Zip Codes if Approved by State.

COVID-19 outbreak Numbers are rising again in New York City.

Trump has left the hospital. After three days of treatment for COVID- 19
and returning to the white house, Trump ripped off his mask and said to Americans in a video released by the white house, “do not let it dominate you, don’t be afraid of it. You can beat it”. He also said, “I’m better, maybe I’m immune, I don’t know”.

Trump is back in the oval office after days in the hospital. He was released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday and is finishing his coronavirus treatment at home. Staff close to the president have been instructed to wear full face shields, and disposable gowns, staying six feet apart. He still may be contagious.

Mass protest went down in Borough Park by the orthodox Jewish community against COVID- 19 regulations set by the mayor and governor.
Protest erupted in response to gov Cuomo’s and mayor de Blasio’s new restrictions in the city where COVID-19 cases are rising. Restrictions include closing schools, closing non essential business, and limited synagogue attendance.
Orthodox Jews set masks on fire, blocked buses, waved trump 2020 flags. A journalist was beaten so bad, he was put on a stretcher and sent to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. Scrolling thru twitter, the scene that went down in Borough Park is just disgraceful. Wear a mask. Social distance. Protect your neighbors. That should be the message.

COVID-19 cases are rising in NYC particularly in Brooklyn and Queens.
On Tuesday, Gov Cuomo announced schools and non essential businesses would close.

Had dinner with friends at Lucien. Took a risk and dined indoors without a mask. Really irresponsible. I know we have to follow rules, but we had a choice and outside was chilly. Not a good excuse.

Killer cop Derek Chauvin released on 1 million dollar bail. The former Minnesota cop charged in the killing of George Floyd will be allowed to leave state for safety concerns while he awaits trial.

Coronavirus cases reaching 8 million in the United States.
Hospitalizations are going up 21 days before election day.
COVID-19 deaths in the United States at 215 549.
Seven months into this pandemic US averaging 700 COVID-19 deaths a day.
Trump says he is immune to COVID-19.
Doctors say he is no longer at risk for spreading coronavirus.
Trump is back on the road camping across America.
In a rally in Pennsylvania, he told this supporters he could kiss everyone in the crowd.
When trump first left the hospital and gave his speech at the white house he was visibly out of breathe. He should not be on the campaign trail. We still don’t know when he last tested negative.

US entering second wave of pandemic.
Trump falsely says 85percent of people wearing masks catch coronavirus .
In New York, mayor de Blasio says, “this is a crucial week to keep down numbers and stop second wave”.

Gov Cuomo says, “non essential travel from NYC to New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania is highly discouraged due to COVID-19 spike in numbers.

Woke up early. Reading Etheridge Knight poems online. Thinking about getting a chicken cutlet sandwich for lunch today with provolone cheese.

Cloudy sky. Looks like it’s going to rain all day.
Not smoking tree for the rest of the year.
We are getting closer to election day. 12 days until election day. The overall feel is trump wins again. Everyone I keep talking to feels the same way. Why is it people living today are so damn cynical? People today have every comfort and still wish for the worst to happen to them. It’s like every non New Yorker that comes to the city secretly wishes to be standing on a corner in the rain and a taxi drives by fast and drenches them in curb water. I cant explain it. I hope trump loses. Everyone vote early!

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