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2 min readJul 11, 2020
Michael Armitage, Study (Face I), 2019, Ink on paper

White Cube premieres a new online exhibition, Another’s Tongue by Kenyan-British artist Michael Armitage. The ink drawings highlight everyday life portraits, landscapes, street performers, wildlife, all detailed on paper. These drawings are from memory, videos by the artist, encounters, and document the rural and urban Kenyan atmosphere. It’s all relatable. I love the gentle, honest, sublime beauty of each drawing. I love the portraits. For me, these are snapshots of positive moments of being black and beautiful in Africa.

Armitage is known for his colorful, layered, large scale, oil paintings, connecting western and eastern African influences. He was born in Nairobi, Kenya, holds degrees from Slade school of art and the Royal academy school, and lives between Kenya and London.

Michael Armitage, Study (Sugar Cane Vendor I), 2019, Ink on paper
Michael Armitage, Study (Kiziwani II), 2019, Ink on paper
Michael Armitage, Study (Two Strong Men Balanced I), 2020, Ink on paper
Michael Armitage, Study (Street Performers), 2020, Ink on paper
Michael Armitage, Study (Street Performers), 2020, Ink on paper
Michael Armitage, Study (Bats), 2020, Ink on paper

The title of the online show evokes the stories, voices of the characters in Armitage’s work. The artist manages to find the spiritual and poetic representations of life and nature. I really believe an artist’s job is to communicate the current situation. Make objects that reflect our time. Avoid fake philosophy. Stories are everywhere, happening all the time. If you look around, you’ll start spotting them too.

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