Mnuchin Gallery brings together work by five radical Black American artists; Sam Gilliam, David Hammons, Suzanne Jackson, Al Loving, and Joe Overstreet. The paintings dating from the late sixties, explore what a painting can be. Painting can not only be a surface or subject, but as revealed in this show, an object that can pinned to the floor.

Man ray, The tortoise, 1944, oil on canvas, 20x24

Vito Schnabel presents a monumental new exhibition of works by Man Ray and Francis Picabia in the gallery’s Greenwich Village location. In the press release, the gallery called the show “a historical exhibition that brings into dialogue seminal works by two early modern masters and legendary artists of the avant-garde”.

By Sunday Fall

Fireflies at night, acrylic, ink, on paper, 11x14, 2021

Almost a year later since the city went into lock down.
The United States has recorded fewer than 100 000 new daily cases.
November 2nd 2020 was the last time the US recorded cases that dropped under 100 000.
In New York City, Citi field will be turned into a…

By Sunday Fall

First day of the new year.

NYC has identified the first case of the new strain of COVID-19 first discovered in the UK.
Gov Cuomo said a man in his 60s who had not traveled abroad tested positive for the new strain. He is recovering, but the…

By Sunday Fall

Woke up early.
Traveled from The Bronx to Brooklyn.
Traveled from Brooklyn to lower Manhattan.
Florida becomes third state to top 1 million coronavirus cases.
Texas and California are the other two states to reach 1 million cases.
Through out the pandemic the Florida governor was opposed to a mask mandate and…

sunday fall

Location: Bronx, NY / Occupation: Author?Artist /Website: / About me: Fall has written and designed three novels and eight poetry books.

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